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Graphic: How To Choose and Install A WordPress Of Theme

This is a guide on how to choose, and activate, a Theme.

I’m sharing my personal criteria for choosing a free WordPress Theme, then I’ll explain how to install and activate it.

This guide was written with someone new to in mind, but is suitable for anyone wanting to change their WordPress Theme.

Warning: Before changing your Theme, make sure you backup your website (and save any CSS attached to your current Theme in a text document, as this will disappear when a new Theme is activated).

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Notice: This is a general guide, based on my personal experience and/or opinion. It may not be suitable for everyone, and should not be taken as advice. Please seek a professional if required.

Choosing A Theme

If you go to, you’ll find that there are currently 7,113 offered. I always get my Themes from the directory. It can be difficult to simmer 7,113 Themes down to a smaller number to choose from.

Themes are important to the security of your website, and that’s normally the first thing on my mind. Here are 5 basic steps I take when selecting a new free Theme:

1. Do you like the look of it? Preview the Theme and decide if you actually like the design/layout of it.

2. How many users does it have? I’ll reject a Theme if it doesn’t have tens-of-thousands of users. You can find out how many websites are using a Theme by selecting it from the Theme directory. On the Themes page, you’ll find the ‘Version:’ number, and below that, ‘Active Installations:’.

3. Read the worst reviews: I’ll read the Theme reviews to get an idea of how professional the developers are, and how they’ve handled problems in the past. The older a review, the less weight I’ll give to it.

4. Go-to the Theme preview site: Most Themes have a complete preview website, where you can interact with it live. You can find the site address on the Theme page, or the Theme developers website. This is a good place to see widget placements and so on.

5. Try it out: I may preview the Theme and start modifying things, checking it’s what I want.


Installing A Theme From The Directory

Login to your website and roll-over the ‘Appearance’ tab in the sidebar. That will generate an option list with ‘Themes’ at the top. Press ‘Themes’ to load the Themes page.

On this page you’ll see all the Themes loaded onto your WordPress website. Press the ‘Add New’ button at the top of the page.

Now on the ‘Add Themes’ page, you’ll be offered the choice to ‘Upload Theme’, or browse Themes from the directory. The filter options are: Featured, Popular and Latest. You can also use the search bar to the top-right, to find a Theme by name.

Find your chosen Theme. If you hover over it, you’ll see an option to ‘Install’ it. Install it.

Now you have an option to ‘Activate’ your Theme. Once Activated, it is installed and running on your website.

To customise your new Theme, roll-over the ‘Appearance’ tab on the WordPress sidebar and select, ‘Customize’. This is where you can select your colours, fonts, and advanced theme settings.

Graphic: How To Choose A WordPress Of Theme

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